blanko creative challenges 2020/21

The blanko daily creative challenge started on Saturday 21 March 2020 and took place daily for 85 days during the first  

COVID-19 lockdown.

A second group of weekend creative challenges started in July 2020 running through to September 2021 with 55 creative prompts.

In total, 150 creative challenges have been set and completed by people across the UK and also further afield!

The journey is recorded on the blanko - be creative! facebook page.




As we face a time where we’ll resort to much simpler lives, some of you have asked about the idea of daily creative challenges. So starting on Saturday 21 March…….here comes blanko - be creative!


What are the creative challenges?


Every day, blanko will send out a creative challenge by email* and post on a new Facebook page CLICK HERE - it could be to create a drawing, text, a photo. Some challenges will give ideas on what material to use but, as some of us might have limited resources, you can use your creativity each day to decide what you will do. A drawing can be with pencil, pen, crayon, paint or using techniques like collage - there are no boundaries but your own! Until you open the email each day, you will not know what the challenge has in store for you.


  • emails will come from a new email address with the title Be Creative Daily Challenge - please unsubscribe if you do not want to receive. They will not come from the same email address as this which is for general blanko news.
  • there will also be a Facebook post on a new page blanko - be creative(@blankobecreative)  CLICK HERE


EXAMPLES (the challenge will get more creative over time!)

  • Draw your favourite mug while you wait for your hot drink to cool
  • Write a 4 line poem about the best time of the day
  • Collect three different leaves and draw them
  • Cut an old photo into pieces and put back together to create a new image
  • Or simply one word to inspire like hand, butterfly, tree


What do I need to use?


A pencil or pen and a sheet of paper will be enough. If you have access to more materials then let your imagination flow. Raid your craft boxes! Use one of the notebooks you’ve been saving for something special - now is that time. Or challenge yourself to make notebook (tips to follow!).

Blanko is still open as we write for any supplies you might need.


What do I need to do?


You can spend from 5 minutes to 5 hours on your challenge each day. Until you get into a routine, perhaps allow yourself up to 15 minutes at the same time of day for example with your morning coffee. Limit yourself to a creative space on your paper of say a square 8cm x 8cm / 3 inches.


Once you have finished, you can keep your work to yourself. However it would be great if you could share. Why not take a photo of your work and post on our Facebook page (by replying to the post with the daily challenge)  CLICK HEREIf you are not a fan of Facebook then email it to and we will post it for you.


Who can do this?


Anyone, wherever they are in the world and whatever age! Get family and friends involved and share your work together on a daily basis to get ideas from each other - it’s a great talking point and a way to reach out when we might be feeling alone.


Send this to your friends and neighbours, not just those locally and let’s spread some fun to those stuck at home. But wouldn’t it be great to bring together Halesworth and Suffolk creatives together in this challenge and then perhaps share some of the work in a display when we get through this time.


If you’ve any more ideas, let us know. Ask your friends to send us an email if they want to be added to our email list


Please remember that this is not about what you create but simply the practice of doing something creative during your day. Creativity is so important for our mindfulness and souls and provides time for our busy minds to focus on other things.


We look forward to you joining in. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Best wishes and keep creating!